Paid Traffic

Local Loop Marketing is working within 3rd party platforms to assist clients in accomplishing an objective. We do not have control over 3rd party platform algorithms or updates therefore cannot guarantee specific results other than the following:

A. We will spend no more than the allotted budget given. Should we overspend your budget we will either refund you the amount – or it can be used as a credit for future services. The choice is yours.

B. We will no lock clients into annual contracts. All of our agreements are either month to month – or 90 days. This allows both parties to determine if our working relationship is a fit.

C. We will continue to present ideas and and strategies to accomplish your objectives.

D. We will be transparent about what we think is possible or not.

Advertiser Website:

Your advertiser website has been designed for lead generation purposes.  We strongly advise the use of paid traffic via Adwords or Facebook to get the full use of your site.  

We CANNOT guarantee the following:

  • A specific amount leads.
  •  Ranking for specific keywords within search platforms.
  • Hacking (We will secure your site, but a cyber breach is always possible, however very small).
  • Future Site Crashing (Past your 60 days of maintenance)

We CAN guarantee the following:

  • You website is yours to keep 
  • Any typos or mistakes will be fixed free of charge (that we are responsible for and were agreed and understood upon the creation of your site).
  • Upon completion of your site, we will fix any technical issues (that we installed) for 60 days.  Should this technical issue be the result of client making a mistake – we may need to charge a small fee, but we can address it at that time.  Our goal is to be of assistance to you so we can work something out.

Website Changes / Enhancements:

  • Upon completion of your advertiser site we will allot 2.5 hours of additional website changes / revisions.  Keep in mind we do include some elements for free (see below)
  • Any mistakes we have made to your site – such as typos of your content – or using the wrong photos we were given will be fixed at no additional cost.
  • The advertiser website is not a custom site.  While your content is custom, this site has been designed to deliver a cost- effective website.  This means all enhancements will be charged at an additional hourly rate of $45 – $75 depending on the skill set needed.

Custom Graphic Design

Successful graphic design work is a combination of client vision, communication and graphic designer skill set.  This means a project can be as simple or as complex as a client wishes to make it.  Our designer is simply an extension of your communicated vision.

Billing:  We charge by the hour.  This allows the relationship to remain transparent and client driven. 

Estimates:  When asking for estimates on price we can only disclose what was charged for a past project that was somewhat similar.  This means our estimates can fluctuate either way.  If there is a specific budget you wish to stay within – please let us know.  We cannot guarantee it will be completed in that time, but we can let you know when we’ve hit different benchmarks within that time block.  This will allow you to see our work and decide if you wish to continue working with our designer.

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