Preparing Coaches to Build Fulfilling Practices and EMERGE as Confident Leaders in their Niche


The World Needs Coaches
And Someone’s World Needs You

As a life coach you’ve answered the calling to be a part of someone’s journey. It’s a higher calling that can bring fulfillment and purpose to your life…But what about your journey?

Who’s coaching the coach?

I have no doubt your heart is in the right place and you’re here to help. But without the right tools and strategies in place – your light will remain hidden.

As you probably already know, we can only give what we have already received. This is why the first transformation of any coaching business is for the coach themselves to transform.

So How Goes the Coaching Business?
Are you Growing or Feeling Stuck?

There’s coaching, then there’s the business of coaching.

We can all agree that coaching is rewarding, but the work of generating opportunities, packaging services, presenting, and retaining clients is a completely different job.

It’s because of these other areas that many of the world’s GREATEST products and services never make it past their 2nd year. Not because of their value – but because of their positioning and exposure.

I wish I could say that selfless giving and patience is all that’s needed, but that’s not the reality of things. The truth is there are skills and tools coaches need in order to build and grow a coaching practice, and that’s why EMERGE for coaches was created.

This is an Opportunity for Coaches to Get the Technical, Sales, Marketing and Mindset Support Needed to EMERGE a Coaching Practice

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Here are the areas your coaching practice will be supported:

Unless the mind and spirit are ready no amount of education or information will bring transformation. This is why your perspective and beliefs about growing a coaching business will need to be examined and cultivated to breed growth.
Your coaching practice will have the experience of a full-service marketing agency. Everything we teach is what we’re currently doing full time for our clients around the world.
The “X” factor for any business is found in its positioning. This is why we first focus on WHAT you’re marketing rather than HOW to market. Once we identify your “X” factor only then will your marketing begin to attract the right audience.
You will get access to recordings of other coaches presenting their services. Hear their pitches and learn how you can approach selling your practice.

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