This is a beginners guide to writing Google Ads for local business.

While there are many advertising books that will try to sell you on a proven method, the truth is that you have to start somewhere, and you need to get started as fast as possible without feeling as if you need to learn the art of copywriting.

The activity in this article will allow you to get started TODAY, and FASTER than you think.

Does this mean you should forget about reading books about how to write ads? If you have the time, go for it. But don’t let education stand in the way of your learning.

I’ve been a copywriter for over 7 years and the one thing I can guarantee is that the craft of writing is never complete. You’ll always feel as if there’s something more you could have done, or something more to research.

The trick is to get started, and then adjust based on your results. And the beauty is that Google AdWords will quickly tell you what’s working and what’s not based on the CTR (click through rate).

So my answer is YES. You can write ads.

Yes, you can write quality Google ads without hiring a copywriter, and without having to devote hours of time to reading and practicing the art of copywriting. But make no mistake, you will need to do some work – it just won’t be as time consuming (or as difficult) as you think.

Now more than ever it’s important to have Google ads that generate a good CTR (click through rate) due to scoring methods within the AdWords platform. In the past it was just a matter of having to pay more per click for poorly written ads, but now poor quality ads run the risk of not even being delivered on the search network.

But before we dive into ad writing tactics it’s important for us to begin with the right perspective – and that perspective begins on focusing.

What your AUDIENCE thinks is more important than what YOU think.

Too many people think they have to come up with the “perfect” ad before publishing it on the AdWords platform, but the truth is, good ads are crafted over time through testing. But in order to accomplish that you’ll need to have a strategy to follow.

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Use these 5 steps to write quality Google ads:

Step 1. Organize Content for Each Service You Wish to Market

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to write Google ads by having content to pull from. You can accomplish this by answering the following questions for each service you wish to market on AdWords and then mixing and matching your content.

Take a look at the following categories then read step #2 to see them in action:

What does your service or product do? Simply list what service or product does at a very basic level. Don’t overthink it. Just state it plainly. (Write 3 of these)

Call to Action: What is the desired action you want someone to take after reading about your service / product on the landing page? (The most important CTAs are to have a web visitor call you or give their e-mail address.)

List a benefit of using your product or service: Every product of service is purchased because of what people think it will give/bring them. So talk about what life would be like if they use your product or service. (Write 4 of these)

Special Offer: Is there a special offer for doing business with you? If so list each of them that pertain to the product/service you’re selling. (List any special offers that relate to the product service you’re offering).

Ask a Question: Ask a question that would be in the mind of your audience. Something that would make them want to click on your ad. (The question must relate to the product of service you’re wanting to market).

Speak to Feelings: Appeal to the emotions of FEAR and EXCITEMENT by writing ads with the sole purpose of speaking to those emotions.

Use Your Location: One of the most powerful weapons a local business has is it’s location. Google searchers are constantly typing in the phrase “near me” when performing local searchers so take every opportunity you can to sprinkle in your location within your ads.


Step 2. Create Ads By Picking & Choosing from your Content

The best way to demonstrate this step is by completing the exercise listed above. For this example we’ll use a divorce attorney.

What does your service or product do?
Divorce Attorney
We Help With Divorce
We Settle Divorce Disputes

Call to Action:
Call for Free 30 Min Consultation
E-mail Your Questions

List a benefit of using your product or service:
Finally Know your Rights
Don’t Get Taken to the Cleaners
Win what is yours
We fight for you
No More Sleepless Nights

Special Offer:
Free 30 Min Consultation
Review of your case
Free Educational Video
Free Book

Ask a Question:
Going Through a Divorce?
Overwhelmed with your Divorce?
Finally Ready to get Divorced?

Speak to Feelings:
Feeling Exhausted by your EX?
Is Your Ex Wearing You Down?
Losing Sleep over your Divorce?
Feeling Lost in your Divorce?

Use Your Location:
*Note, you can use your location by simply adding it into your ads.

The following ads have been written by simply copying and pasting text from the exercise above:




As you can see these ads are very straightforward, but you’ll be surprised with two things:

  1. Your CTR will improve (we see this time and time again using this method)
  2. You’ll no longer feel writer’s block.

Keep in mind that you can make any adjustments you’d like. The purpose of the exercise is not to limit you, but rather to give you something to work with. You’ll find that it’s far easier to think of ideas when you have something to work with instead of just staring at a blank screen.  So if you want to change something – go for it. They’re your ads.

And remember to have 3 ads in each ad group so you can optimize.


Step #3  Optimize Your Ads

Regularly optimizing your ads is just as important as having a strategy for writing them – this is because high quality Google ads are crafted over time.

Follow this simple optimizing strategy to get the most out of your ads.

  1. You should check in on your ads for every 50 clicks.
  2. Since you have 3 active ads you should start by identifying the one with the best CTR (click through rate) and a fair number of clicks. This will be your “control” ad. Your job is to try and beat this ad.
  3. Pause your lowest performing ad. DO NOT simply change the text on the ad since this will reset all of the data. You always want to be pausing ads.
  4. Introduce a new ad. Remember, your goal is to keep 3 ads active at all time. You can either do a variation of your control ad, or think of an entirely new ad.

Step #4  Get Ideas From Your Competition

I always tell my clients they need to “search as a searcher.” This means performing Google searches as someone looking for your own products and services with the intent of seeing which ads come up. The goal is not to copy them, but rather to get “inspiration” on items you can incorporate into your own ads. This will also keep you up to date on any offers they’re currently running.


Step #5  Incorporate Your Own Ideas

Once you get the hang of writing search ads it’s important to begin experimenting with your own ideas.  So trust your instincts and test a few things.

As long as you focus on letting the CTRs tell you what’s working and what’s not you’ll soon find yourself not only enjoying the ad writing process, but also getting the conversions that you’re looking for.

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