Google Ads
Build Your Reputation on One of the Internet's Largest Platforms

Can You Say Yes to These Questions?


  • Does your Business have a Search Engine Strategy?
  • Do you have Specific Landing Pages for Paid Traffic?
  • Have you Identified Lead Generation Offers?

Google Ads can help you accomplish all three objectives. Let’s take a look at each one and see what’s possible for your business.

Most people think online success is “Showing up on the top of Google” – but visibility does not equal success.

This is why every business needs a Search Engine Strategy. The truth is, online visibility is just the beginning. In order to find lasting success you must be able to attract the right audience and then convert web traffic into opportunities.

Here are a few ways Google AdWords can help your business:


Target searchers who are looking specifically for your product or service.


Target the time of day and location you wish to have your ads appear.

Target specific devices you’d like your ads to appear on.

Target the names of your competitors.

Get a “second chance” to show ads to previous visitors of your website.

Show video commercials on YouTube to people who fit your target market.

Test different ad copy or creatives.

See the exact search queries that attracted clicks to your ads.

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Do you have specific landing pages for paid traffic?

If you’re currently running paid traffic on ANY platform – your business needs
specific landing pages for each product or service being marketed.

Here are elements you should have on landing pages you’re running paid traffic to:

Content + Keywords

Landing pages need content that educates your audience about your product or service – not just “buy now” buttons. Nothing wrong with making sales, but landing pages must contain content that in and of itself is able to help your audience. We also recommend using the keywords you’re bidding on – but this cannot be overdone. No keyword stuffing. It must be a natural part of the content on the page.


Nurture Sequences

If someone inputs their email address to get more information about a service or product – you MUST have a pre-made follow up email sequence. Follow-up emails keep your service or product on your audience’s minds, establish your reputation, and provide content that is valuable. Sales must be nurtured. Your nurture sequence will allow you to do this.


Call to Action

The purpose of a web page is to motivate someone to take an action – like make a phone call or fill out a form. Your landing page must specifically ask for this action.


If your business is not using remarketing – start today. Remarketing allows your business to “follow” your website visitors across the internet and show them ads.

Single Focus

Your landing pages must have a singular focus. Don’t crowd it with other offers and products or services. One page = one focus.

Have you Identified Lead Generation Offers?

You cannot expect someone to start spending money on your business without first developing TRUST in your business.

  • TRUST that your business can deliver on what it promises
  • TRUST that your business is established and plans to be around for a while
  • TRUST that your business is knowledgeable

This is why your relationship must begin with a small offer. It doesn’t have to be free products or discounted products, but it must be something small. A first step.