Terms & Conditions

Marketing Results
Local Loop Marketing will use its knowledge and resources to market your business to the best of its ability, but cannot guarantee specific results. We are not responsible for sales since our job is marketing and awareness, which we define as bringing your products and services to a digital marketplace. This is why we allow clients to leave or stop services anytime they are unhappy for any reason. No further payment will be required other than the work already performed.

Deliver of Marketing Assets
Due to the nature of this work timely delivery of marketing assets is a result of both the client and LLM (Local Loop Marketing) reaching deadlines. All deadlines are estimates and will cease to be accurate if the client takes longer than 24 hours to reach their deadlines or reply back to messages.

Website Maintenance & Security
LLM is not responsible for the security and maintenance of websites. We are happy to provide website fixes, enhancements and custom development, but the ultimate responsibility for cyber liability, security and maintenance are upon the client. We encourage all website owners to keep backups of their website and to discuss these issues with their hosting provider. LLM can also be hired for routine checks on your website, but due to the nature of the internet, cannot take full responsibility for security breaches and breakdowns that can happen from time to time.

Cancelling Services
We do not hold clients hostage. Clients are welcome to leave at any time. We will only bill for the work performed (regardless if the project is completed).

Revisions & Refunds
Our goal is to delight our clients and maintain our reputation in the marketplace, but we understand there may come times when we make mistakes, or a client is unhappy with our work. This is how we will address each item.

  • Mistakes: If a mistake is made LLM will fix it at no additional cost to the client, but a refund will not be given.
  • Client does not “like” the work: There are times when a client may not “like” our work. LLM will always offer a revision of our work, but cannot offer refunds since “liking” work is subjective.
  • Revisions: We will offer 2 additional rounds of revisions at no additional cost, but it must be requested in writing (email) within 72 hours of delivery of the item created. The maximum hours of revision time we can give to any project is 20% of the time originally invested.

Harassment of Employees
Local Loop Marketing will not tolerate harassment of its staff. Should this take place via email or phone we will immediately stop services. We will itemize all work done, then apply the amount paid and determine if there is a refund necessary to the client.